Five Things to Know Before You Buy Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Michigan

Medicare supplement insurance plans in Michigan are similar to that coverage that is offered in other states within the US. These plans are designed to help in paying for the medical costs that are not paid by the Original Medicare coverage. In Michigan, there is the Michigan Medigap subsidy program that is administered by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund (MHEF) that aims at subsidizing your monthly Medicare premium. The subsidy from the fund is subtracted from the monthly premium you owe your insurance service provider. This means that your monthly premium will be lowered. The following are five things you should know before you buy Medicare supplement insurance plans in Michigan:


You are eligible for Medicare supplement insurance in Michigan if you are aged 65 years and above or have another qualifying condition. Additionally, you must have Medicare Part A, and Part B to be eligible to enroll for the Medicare supplement insurance policy. Other insurance coverage is available for people under the age of 65 but for you to enjoy the benefits of the Medigap insurance in Michigan you must meet the required age limit or have another qualifying condition.

Offered by Private Insurance Companies

Medicare supplemental insurance is offered by private insurance companies. The federal government has allowed insurance companies to offer these insurance policies to private individuals. However, there are rules and regulations on how and whom they can issue Medicare supplemental insurance plans to. Check with the state of Michigan to find out which insurance companies offer Medigap insurance policies and if you are suitable for the plan or not.

Only Cover One Individual

Medigap policies do not cover more than one person. This means that if you are married and want to enjoy the benefits of this policy, you and your partner must get separate policies for yourselves. Each individual must have his or her own policy.

It is important for you to understand that it is unlawful, for an insurance company or broker to sell to you a Medigap policy if you already have other insurance coverage. The State of Michigan prohibits all insurance companies from selling Medigap policies to individuals who are already covered under other insurance programs.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Coverage

Before buying Medigap insurance coverage in Michigan, it is important to know that what the policy does and does not cover. The policy does not cover long-term care in nursing homes, dental care, vision care, eyeglasses, private-duty nursing care and hearing aids.

If you live in Michigan and require Medicare supplement insurance, it is essential to check out if you are eligible and then seek more information on the policy, what it covers and what it does not cover.

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